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Niche Marketing Services

Digital Papaya Niche Marketing Services


Niche Marketing Services


Digital Papaya is a creative niche consultancy that offers businesses expertise in reaching Black and ethnic minority, and emerging niche markets through innovative and unique approaches to reaching out to and engaging with new customers and clients.


Our unique network of professional ‘Cultural Navigators’ hail from across the UK and reflect a wide range of demographics. Our cultural and social diversity will reflect your target audience, meaning we are more able to speak ‘the language’ of your target groups in uniquely creative campaigns your audience will love and want to share with people they know.


To extend your market reach, we work alongside PR, Marketing and Social Media Agencies to develop culturally competent campaigns, based upon measurable market insights into your specific audiences.


Whether you wish to check a campaign’s effectiveness, test a product or service within a specific community or organise a targeted consultation process, we can help.


Digital Papaya Marketing Consultancy Services Include:


Content Strategists: We can work alongside you to devise, create or produce high quality, culturally appropriate content that connects your work, product or service with specific target groups, as well as with bloggers and on-line publishers who will spread your messages in highly targeted content.


Targeted Traffic Generation and Niche Marketing Outreach: We can work with your existing marketing material to drive your content to specific communities of interest, thus enabling you to enhance your brand awareness offline and you visibility online. We develop your customer base lists and leverage our own networks to enable more effective online outreach to your niche markets.


Social Media Consultation: We can work alongside you throughout the social media marketing process from audit through online outreach, to specific project management.


Cultural Intelligence and Insight: We lead the way in our research based knowledge and unique experience of delivering culturally competent and engaging strategies that include and reflect the U.K.’s diverse communities.


Inclusive Consultation: We facilitate culturally intelligent conversations with your target market to provide consumer insight, feedback and market testing.


Target Key Influencers: We can research and work with key market influencers to get your message to the right people, faster.


Consultancy: We can offer bespoke and ongoing marketing support to your teams through initial consultation, planning and delivery of your niche marketing campaigns.


Customer Development Programmes: We can work alongside your HR, Operations Team and Diversity Planning Departments to align your marketing objectives to your business planning.


Creative Development: We can join or work alongside your team flexibly to offer new perspectives and culturally specific insights that will expand your options and develop your marketing strategies.


Ideation: We can work with your creative teams to develop specialised ideas and concepts. Working with our Cultural Navigators helps your company or organisation to create culturally resonant content to create your desired impact.


Our Cultural Navigators Programme


We work with the best talent from a broad base of backgrounds and professional experience. Our huge network of innovative and expert cultural navigators represent a wealth and diversity of places, languages, age groups, faith groups and perceptions, delivering content that speaks to your audience.


All of Digital Papaya’s navigators have experience of engaging within local and niche community settings, bring their own network and insight and offer high quality research and feedback.


If you have any questions about how we can deliver your niche marketing strategies, please give us a call on: 07838 763754, or leave us your questions and dilemmas on our Contact Page and we will call you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help.