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Niche Engagement Services

Digital Papaya’s Unique Niche Engagement Consultancy Services


Niche Engagement Services


According to population projections, in just 37years, the ethnic diversity of England and Wales will be the same as London is now. So, the question for your marketing and engagement teams is:


Is Your Business Future Ready?


If you are not acknowledging changing cultural tastes and values in your marketing campaigns, then you would be wise to ask if your approach to reaching new customers and retaining their loyalty is really sustainable. According to the evidence and market intelligence, the chances are you are losing out to sophisticated, niche marketing strategies already used by your competitors.


Shockingly, current research suggests that companies are failing to deliver tailored campaigns to deliver niche products and services to demographic groups who are some the most loyal consumer groups in the UK today. Consumers in these niche markets have a combined purchasing power of £300bn and growing.


Keeping Up With Your Niche Market Customer’s Changing Profile


Did you know:


  • 1 in 8 UK families will sit down for their evening meal with someone close to them who was born outside the U.K.?
  • According to Mintel Researchers, Black women are willing to spend at least double the amount on hair and beauty products than white women
  • That the mixed race population is the youngest and fastest growing ethnic community in the UK.


Changing customer and client profiles and growing niche markets present companies with both an opportunity and challenge: on the one hand offering new customers or clients the potential for highly targeted products; on the other, marketing to this huge population sector requires fresh approaches that are bespoke and appropriately focused to address your ever-evolving target markets in the long-term.


According to a recent report, once a market niche in society understand your brand, you will earn the loyalty and trust of that consumer group, meaning return sales and new brand advocates who will refer to friends and family.


Digital Papaya Help Engage With Emerging Niche Markets and Generate Brand Loyalty


From financial products to beauty, from leisure activities through to media and everything between, this is a great time for businesses to look beyond traditional marketing images and messages, to invest in the future in terms of how your products, services and brand identity are perceived by increasingly affluent consumers groups, still under the radar.


Digital Papaya are expert story tellers. We don’t sell products, we engage with customers, and through staying abreast of the research and pleural market trends, can help you meet a wider diversity of customer aspirations and make enduring connections with the savvier emerging niche markets. We teach you how to reflect your target group’s particular needs, wants and desires via brand identity and niche campaigns that will encourage long-term loyalty and ultimately sustainability of your business or organisation.


Digital Papaya specialist team of engagement consultants, or as we like to call ourselves ‘Cultural Navigators’, will work closely with you to ensure that your marketing and outreach campaigns achieve your specific business goals, improve perceptions of your brand where it counts and ultimately, lead you to new, loyal customers in the demographic you want to reach.


Digital Papaya is all about cultural intelligence and conversation with your audience, to drive consumer engagement and long-term relationships. We work with a UK network of highly skilled and culturally aware engagement professionals who can deliver your messages in uniquely creative ways that will generate interest and viral sharing. Our creative teams have direct experience of working alongside specific cultures, hard-to-reach and market niche groups, be they young people, community elders or other communities of interest.