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Niche Engagement Services
Niche Marketing Services

Targeting a niche market?

Want to get your message to ‘hard to reach’ demographic or ethnic groups? Is cultural or ethnic diversity the focus of your recruitment drive? Maybe you want to engage with new groups of people?

Who are we?

Digital Papaya can help you develop relationships with some of the most loyal customers in the U.K. with a combined purchase power of £300bn, who are all too often over-looked in marketing strategies and campaigns.

Cultural Navigators

Digital Papaya’s team of savvy ‘cultural navigators’ will help you design, build and develop a niche marketing strategy that will support your efforts to find innovative, inventive and beneficial ways to engage with your Black and ethnic minority customers.

Digital Papaya Marketing Services:

provide bespoke support to your teams in the research, design and delivery of culturally sensitive and specific campaigns

  • market test your new niche product or ideas and report results
  • develop niche marketing campaigns for specific sectors of customers or clients.

For more detail on Digital Papaya niche marketing consultancy, go to our Services Page here.

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Digital Papaya have 50-years combined experience of delivering bespoke and culturally specific work, so call us today to talk through your ideas on: Tel: 01323 639610 or click to the right to view our contact page.